6 Ways To Be More Gentle with Yourself

Each of us has a unique fertility journey. Fertility isn’t fair. It’s like health in general. It’s absolutely true that healthcare systems and the social fabric of where and when we live affects us differently and all aspects of fertility. This means that a lot of us experience fertility set-backs, such as infertility, experiencing one […]

Skincare Products to Ditch If You’re Pregnant or Trying

When you’re trying to conceive or are pregnant, there are lots of changes to make to your life either a while ago or recently. You’re double checking what you’re eating, making changes to your alcohol and caffeine intake, reviewing supplements, and evaluating your exercise habits and stress levels. One more task to add to this […]

A Long List of Fertility Tests

There’s no master Fertility Test that rules them all that can provide you with a clear answer to how your overall fertility is doing. Too bad, right? Plus, fertility is a multipart and multi system game: sperm + egg + uterus + overall health + genetics + environmental and social factors + healthcare. That said, […]

How to Know When or If You’re Ovulating

There are a few reasons why you might be checking in on your ovulation, or lack of. If you’re trying to get pregnant, then learning about if or when you’re ovulating can help ensure you’re giving yourself the best chance to conceive on your own or with some assistance like timed intercourse (TI) with or […]

Publicly Funded IVF and IUI Programs Across Canada

Updated: April 2024 If you’re looking into funding for your intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) then look no further. This is a rundown of what you can expect from government funded fertility procedures in your province or territory. Anything that’s not covered, make sure to hang on to the receipts or save […]

Endometriosis on Your Fertility Journey: fast facts

If you’re wondering if you have endometriosis (I’ll just call it endo) or you’ve been diagnosed and are trying to get and stay pregnant, then you’re in good company. It’s a journey within a journey to your baby. Here are some fast facts about a complex disease that is immunological and under-researched, like women’s health […]

Canadians: how to get money back for your fertility medical expenses

Updated: January 2024. Calling Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are fertility warriors that have paid thousands of dollars in medical expenses. It’s that time of year to file your taxes. It can be an annoying to-do that you put off or it can be a welcome distraction while you’re waiting on your fertility journey, […]

Tips for Buying At-home Pregnancy Tests

There are a lot of decisions at every step on your journey toward a baby but this one might seem less important: which pregnancy test to choose. Sometimes making a little decision can make the whole process less overwhelming. I like it when something is finally easy for you because I’m been in your shoes […]

How to Use Instagram When You’re TTC and Stay Pregnant

Interracial couple are lying on their bed looking at their laptop

When I first started trying to conceive I wasn’t on Instagram. I didn’t think of it. I wish I had because once I was it filled a void. It gave me part of the connection and community that I was craving. Plus, I started to learn about more fertility terms. It might for you too. […]

What to do when you’re overwhelmed

If you’re overwhelmed on your fertility journey, I believe you. There’s probably a lot pulling you in different directions. You legitimately have a lot of responsibilities and too much to do and think about. It might be because of fertility treatment, secondary infertility responsibilities, recurrent loss, egg freezing, or pregnancy. You’re drowning in your to-do […]

1 Way to Stop Overthinking About Your Fertility

Let’s talk about overthinking when we’re trying to get and stay pregnant. It’s extremely common. I know the feeling all too well. Thoughts about fertility and family planning can be all consuming, like an annoying song that’s blasting loudly in your ear that you just can’t turn off. The thoughts are there when you’re doing […]

Gifts to receive or buy on your TTC journey

Anytime is the right time for gift giving but December is when exchanges happen more than any time in the year for a lot of us. But whether you’re reading this in December or July or near your birthday, you might want to consider these items for your fertility journey either for yourself or asking […]