Fertility Coaching & education through the ups and downs that follow.

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Hi, I’m Laura.

I coach and mentor singles and couples on their fertility journeys to go from feeling unsure or like they're missing something, to being informed, empowered, and confident that they have no regrets.

Whether you’re thinking about getting pregnant for the first time, had a loss (I’m so sorry), navigating fertility options like IVF or sperm donors, pregnant, or looking for the right next step, I’ll provide support, practical guidance, and emotional connection through our sessions and by email/text. My clients find the journey is a lot lighter and with more ease with me by their side.

Think of me as Your (Pocket) Fertility Coach:

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Have someone you trust who is certified in coaching best practices to turn to about making life and fertility choices, mindset, coping with jealousy, the waiting and the uncertainty

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Take advantage of my background in medical research to ask me the difficult questions that have been bubbling up - without judgement as you navigate your fertility journey

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Overcome information overload and make informed decisions so that you can take your next step with confidence

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Receive guidance on how to manage your mind-body connection, stress, and pain

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Find connection, hope, and strength on your fertility journey so that you're as prepared as you can be

I’ve got you. Interested in learning more about how and why I can help?

Learn about my own fertility story and the training and experience that supports my work.

Past Clients Have Said…

If you’re looking for support on your own fertility journey, reach out to talk about your current situation and what you’d like to achieve.

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