Let's Talk About Infertility

Laura Spencer smiling

Infertility is a unique time with the high ups and very low downs. You have to live through it to know it. I do. You might be finding it all consuming and painful. But it’s much more manageable, less lonely and more likely to bring you more comfort and confidence with the right support. That’s where I come in. I’ve had clients find success with my support in navigating: 

  • Treatment options and clinics
  • Emotional triggers
  • Waiting and waiting some more
  • Relationships (romantic, with friends)
  • Healthcare system and your own values 

They’ve found my personalized approach has seriously lessened their chances of looking back at the end without regret. Instead they feel the motivation, empowerment and that soft landing to fall on when they need it.

Book a call to explore how I could do that for you. And if you are on a journey for an additional baby, check out struggling to have another baby for additional resources.

Are you infertile? You’re considered (medically) infertile when you’ve tried to get pregnant at home unassisted consistently month after month and for 12 months

Are you circumstantially infertile? If you don’t have the body parts because you’re LGBQT+ and/or becoming a choice parent.