6 Ways To Be More Gentle with Yourself

Each of us has a unique fertility journey. Fertility isn’t fair. It’s like health in general. It’s absolutely true that healthcare systems and the social fabric of where and when we live affects us differently and all aspects of fertility. This means that a lot of us experience fertility set-backs, such as infertility, experiencing one […]

Travelling Far for Fertility Treatment: pros & cons

The number of people travelling a long distance for fertility treatment is on the rise. Anecdotally, the top 3 most common reasons to travel for fertility treatment are 1) there aren’t any local options, 2) to save money, 3) or there are more appropriate options elsewhere that aren’t available locally. Some potential clinics might be […]

Skincare Products to Ditch If You’re Pregnant or Trying

When you’re trying to conceive or are pregnant, there are lots of changes to make to your life either a while ago or recently. You’re double checking what you’re eating, making changes to your alcohol and caffeine intake, reviewing supplements, and evaluating your exercise habits and stress levels. One more task to add to this […]

Myths & Truths About Surrogacy

In response to Pope Francis making claims about surrogacy, I sat down in studio with CBC’s On the Coast guest host Amy Bell to dispel some myths and shed light on the real experiences of surrogates and intended parents. Listen to the whole segment here.

A Long List of Fertility Tests

There’s no master Fertility Test that rules them all that can provide you with a clear answer to how your overall fertility is doing. Too bad, right? Plus, fertility is a multipart and multi system game: sperm + egg + uterus + overall health + genetics + environmental and social factors + healthcare. That said, […]

Reciprocal IVF: questions to ask yourself, your partner, and your doctor

If you’re an LGBQT+ couple and either of you could use your eggs or to potentially carry and birth a baby from either of your bodies, there are many options and considerations if you’ve decided on in vitro-fertilization (IVF), and even if you haven’t yet. With so many decisions, overwhelm can follow like a tailgating […]

How to Know When or If You’re Ovulating

There are a few reasons why you might be checking in on your ovulation, or lack of. If you’re trying to get pregnant, then learning about if or when you’re ovulating can help ensure you’re giving yourself the best chance to conceive on your own or with some assistance like timed intercourse (TI) with or […]

Endometriosis on Your Fertility Journey: fast facts

If you’re wondering if you have endometriosis (I’ll just call it endo) or you’ve been diagnosed and are trying to get and stay pregnant, then you’re in good company. It’s a journey within a journey to your baby. Here are some fast facts about a complex disease that is immunological and under-researched, like women’s health […]

Canadians: how to get money back for your fertility medical expenses

Updated: January 2024. Calling Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are fertility warriors that have paid thousands of dollars in medical expenses. It’s that time of year to file your taxes. It can be an annoying to-do that you put off or it can be a welcome distraction while you’re waiting on your fertility journey, […]

How to Use Instagram When You’re TTC and Stay Pregnant

Interracial couple are lying on their bed looking at their laptop

When I first started trying to conceive I wasn’t on Instagram. I didn’t think of it. I wish I had because once I was it filled a void. It gave me part of the connection and community that I was craving. Plus, I started to learn about more fertility terms. It might for you too. […]

IVF journals, planners and colouring books, oh my

There are so many feelings to sort through on your IVF journey. I remember the shock, the anguish, the excitement (sort of), the overwhelm, the anticipation – it was a lot. Sometimes it was all at the same time. You get it, right? It’s no wonder that many, many fertility warriors have put together their […]

Important Information If You’re Doing PGT-A: Mosaic Embryos

Mosaic embryos are the talk of the fertility town and the focus of this post. If you’re making the decision whether to do PGT-A on your embryo(s), then read this post about considerations because it’s a nuanced decision that is unique to you (and your partner). What’s missing in my previous post are mosaics. There’s […]