What to expect at a fertility clinic in the pandemic

Whether you’re new to a fertility clinic or considering switching you might be wondering if your experience at yours is common. This depends on a few factors and there are many exceptions, but overall I will say that due to the pandemic there are changes that clinics have put in place to keep us safe that are impacting the care we receive. It’s never an easy time to need fertility treatment (and it’s not an easy time to run a fertility clinic) but these days it can be an extra challenge and it’s not just you. Many fertility patients:

  • have less time with their fertility doctor and it’s more challenging to book phone or face time.
  • usually speak to a nurse versus their fertility doctor.
  • only see the doctors and nurses wearing masks, so they can’t develop or maintain that intimate, trusting relationship as easily.
  • find that their treatment plan was created without much explanation given to them for why unless they explicitly ask questions or probe to know more.
  • have check-up appointments, such as ultrasounds, that are very quick and they don’t get to talk much about their progress.
  • can’t bring their partners or support person into their appointments or procedures and that can be heartbreaking.

This is all common and one of the reasons there are fertility coaches, IVF doulas, fertility consultants, support groups and others to help make your fertility journey a team approach.

The other lessons learned are to create a list of questions and ask your fertility clinic team if you want to know more and to take the time to reflect on what you need. If finding clarity is challenging or you need support with any of that, book a call with me and I can help.

For these reasons and a bazillion more, we all can’t wait for the pandemic to be over. In the meantime, remember to be your own advocate and that you can handle more than you ever thought was imaginable. Seriously.

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